Prepare For Your Dream Holiday

Questions to Ask About Family Accommodations For Your Next Holiday

When planning a holiday for the family, you want to take your time to shop for the right accommodations to ensure you will be comfortable and will know what's included in any reservation. Note a few things to ask that you might otherwise overlook, so you know your holiday is going to be enjoyable for the whole family.

Ask if you get family discounts for any other part of your trip

If you're planning a ski holiday, ask if you get family discounts for lift tickets or if they're included in the reservation. Note if there are discounts for meals in the restaurant attached to the hotel or for visiting a nearby museum, amusement park, or other tourist attraction. These types of discounts may be connected to the hotel at which you're staying, and asking about them can mean saving quite a bit of money on your holiday overall.

Ask about furnishings in apartments and cabins

Apartments, cabins, and other such accommodations can offer more room than a hotel, and they include all the furniture, linens, small kitchen appliances, and other items you need for a comfortable stay. However, don't assume there are certain items included unless specified in an advertisement; if you don't see items like certain pots and pans, beach towels, and outdoor furniture for relaxing on the patio listed in the ad, always ask about those before booking your accommodation. You may need to bring certain items for everyday food prep or for hitting the beach or bring along your beach chairs to use on the patio as well.

Ask about Wi-Fi

Your family may expect to log onto the Internet at least to check emails while on vacation, but don't assume that Wi-Fi is included in every location. Some hotels may ask that you pay extra, if it's available at all, and cabins or villas may not have it connected. Always ask about their Wi-Fi connections so you know if they'll be available rather than assuming there are Internet hotspots in every locale.

Ask where smoking is allowed

Some family accommodations such as apartments and villas may allow smoking in the rooms, but many hotels will not allow smoking inside at all to avoid a fire risk. Other accommodations may only allow smoking on a patio or terrace. If anyone in the family smokes, be sure you understand these restrictions before making your reservation so you know what to expect and are not fined for smoking inside or on the property when it's not allowed.