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Should You Hire a Tour Bus for Your Band?

Over time and with enough luck and talent, your band will outgrow the small van that you have used over the years to travel to various events and tours. Since you will have more band members, there will be limited space in the small van, which might damage the instruments as they are squeezed in the back of the van. To avoid such a scenario, you will have to switch from using the small van to hiring a tour bus for your band events. Hiring a tour bus has its benefits as well as some limitations, and it is important that you evaluate all aspects before you consider making the switch. Let us look at a couple of the benefits and limitations that are associated with the use of a tour bus, which, in the end, should ease your decision-making process.


A tour bus comes equipped with spacious sitting and leg space, while others have bed compartments in them. This will allow you and your band members a chance to sleep and rest more comfortably as you travel.

Some tour buses have small studio compartments in them. This will allow you and your band to conduct sound checks before you go out and perform. You can also record some promos in this studio as you travel, which ensures you efficiently use your travelling time.

Tour buses come in large sizes, which make it easier to accommodate more than ten people at once without any issue. This will enable your band to travel as a whole and enhance the band's chemistry and focus, especially on long trips.

In the long run, hiring one tour bus is significantly cheaper than hiring several vans as your means of transport, especially if your band has more than the sitting capacity that a van can hold.

As a band, you would like your fans to notice your presence when you arrive at an event. Well, a tour bus will give you exactly that due to its large size that will attract a lot of attention from the nearby people.


If you are making a short trip or just a few band members, it does not make any financial logic to hire a tour bus as it will be more expensive to hire for the entire day when you will only use it for a couple of hours.  

If you are going to a low-quality venue, you may have trouble when it comes to finding a good parking spot for the tour bus or even power.

The large size of the tour bus might affect you and the band in a negative way if you are going to perform at a relatively small venue. It will affect your 'cool factor.'

At the end of the day, if your needs will be adequately met by hiring a tour bus, then, by all means, go for one and enjoy the ride.